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Nutrieno in a nutshell

Who are you, what is Nutrieno and why should I use it?

We are Bioforcetech, a startup based in the Silicon Valley, California. We are 6 young scientists and engineers who invented, designed and built a system that eliminates any organic waste, converting it into renewable energy. As final result we have Nutrieno, a charcoal natural soil amendment that is produced by imitating nature's own systems. The incredible characteristics of Nutrieno will improve the structure, porosity and bioactivity of your soil while significantly improving water and nutrients retention.

If you purchase Nutrieno today, you will improve your soil fertility, grow healthier plants, harvest rich tasting veggies, and ultimately contribute in our vision to eliminate millions of tons of organic waste all over USA, with a natural, environmentally friendly system!

From the Silicon Valley

Nature Engineering

We invented a sustainable system that extracts only the good nutrients from digested food. The final product is Nutrieno.

Instead of wasting your organic materials, at Bioforcetech we generate renewable energy and an awesome, natural soil amendment that you can use in your garden!

The natural fertilizer for

Rich Tasting Food

Without the use of additional fertilizer, Nutrieno gives your veggies a rich taste, thanks to the natural nutrients. The innate structure of Nutrieno holds water and promotes the natural bioactivity of the soil.

Nutrieno is also great for the health of flowers, spices and garden plants.

Nutrieno Fertilizer give to your food the right natural nutrients
Nutrieno Fertilizer is Natural and Safe
The focus of our team has always been

Natural and Safe

Nutrieno constantly goes under the most strict lab tests. You will always feel safe knowing that Nutrieno meets the most rigid FDA and Californian standards for fertilizers and soil amendments.

Grow your veggies and

Save the planet

Apply Nutrieno to your soil, and you will consequently reduce green house gasses in the atmosphere, slowing down global warming. Your plants will grow better with healthier soil, and at the same you will make a significant contribution to the environment.

Preorder a bucket of Nutrieno today, and receive a 20% discount!

Nutrieno Fertilizer give to your food the right natural nutrients

Field trials campaign

FREE NUTRIENOFirst 200 tons
  • Minimum quantity 1000 lb.
  • We will distribute the first 200 tons
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if you are interested in testing Nutrieno for free, send us an email at info@bioforcetech.com. Write FREE NUTRIENO in the subject and tells about your trials.

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Made in the Silicon Valley, California USA

1400 Radio road, Redwood City, California.
Email: info@bioforcetech.com